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Marathon’s Ministries

“Bibles for Appalachia and the World” – Free Bibles for the poor in the Appalachia coalfields and around the world. A donation of $15.00 provides a new Bible for one member of a poor family.

To participate in this program, send your donation to: Marathon Ministry – P.O. Box 1815 Gate City, VA 24251 – Mark your check item line: “Bible Distribution”.

“Prayer Outreach Ministry” – We offer prayer to everyone we come in contact with. See our ever increasing prayer lists in our newsletters. Need prayer? Call or email me.

 “Emergency & Disaster Relief”  – Providing relief to individuals and families in times of crisis. This includes circumstances where homes burn down, the main provider in a family dies, catastrophic medical emergencies and more, as funds are available.

We give burned out families New Bibles and $500 provides immediate relief for one family for whatever they need. No alcohol or tobacco.

“Distributions for Poor Children & Parents” – At locations convenient to poor neighborhoods. Recent giveaways included $89,000, $44,000 and $38,000 in all NEW items.

“Blanket the Territory” – Free blankets for those in need. $10.00 provides a new blanket for one member of a needy family. Mark your check item line: “Blanket Distribution”.

 “Free Food for the Needy” – Over 25 million pounds has been given freely since our founding in 1986 to thousands of families. We pray with everyone we serve and tell them about salvation through Jesus Christ. Many have been led to Christ over food boxes.

Marathon’s Programs

“Adopt-A-Child-Appalachia” – Marathon’s newest (2011) program to help poor children, many  from broken homes with their most urgent needs. One donor family equals one child. There are children waiting and we discover more every day. In 2014 we served 404 children through this program.

Option 1: Give $15 at the time of “adoption” and pledge $15 per month for eleven months to “support” the child.
Option 2: Give $180 at the time of “adoption” to “support” the child. (This will enable Marathon to meet the child’s needs more promptly.)

There are no administrative costs to this program. We don’t know of another children’s program that can say that.

“Church Partner for the Poor” Program – Churches can partner with Marathon in a number of ways to help us serve the needy, including distributions, special offerings, food drives, volunteer groups, and much more. Call to receive a proposal.

“Corporate Partner for the Poor” Program – Companies can partner with Marathon to perform a major distribution at your Company or at a location of mutual agreement. Call to receive a proposal.

“Romania Farm Program” – Since 1998 Marathon has supported a work farm in Romania providing jobs and food for thousands in need.

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