Welcome to Marathon Ministry’s 32nd year.

Marathon Ministry is a fully qualified IRS 501-c-3 nonprofit. We are a Non-denominational Christian ministry providing disaster relief, children’s and widows needs, food, clothing, household needs and much more for destitute families. We deliver the true gospel of salvation in Christ and provide spiritual guidance to all those we serve.
Now in our 24th year based in the Appalachian region of America, we serve anywhere here, in the United States and in other countries where and to whom God calls or sends us.

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A Personal Word

From Rev. Philip K. Cooper,  Founder & President

Since God’s call in 1986 Marathon Ministry has served the poorest of the poor.
Where there’s smoke there’s fire and where there’s fire there’s Marathon Ministry.
Where there are needy children and widows– Marathon Ministry is there.
Where there is hunger – Marathon Ministry is there.
And in so many other circumstances of need – Marathon Ministry is there.

Is It All Worth It?

I cannot answer that question for anyone else, only for myself.
One cold January day God confirmed to me once again that whatever the price I pay, in labor, in giving, in praying, in serving the needs of the poorest of the poor, it’s worth it to be able to lead one more lost soul to Christ.
On that day we delivered a load of furniture for Angela, a single mother & her 14 year old son who had been homeless and just got an apartment. We supplied her with almost everything she needed to make her new home a home. Then we supplied her with the one Thing that was missing, the Gospel of salvation in Jesus Christ. The tears flowed as Angela caused all the angels in heaven to rejoice over her salvation. And her countenance changed from sorrow and tears to the “joy of the Lord” and laughter and happiness.
Thank You Jesus for Your Giving it all on the cross so that we might give a little to someone who needs you more than they need stuff.
Two of our faithful volunteers, Sammy Hartsock and Nathan Skeens, also gave of themselves that day.

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